Đề kiểm tra môn Anh văn HKI lớp 10 (tham khảo)  

Đề kiểm tra môn Anh văn HKI lớp 10 (tham khảo)  


A. Pronunciation:

1.            field                              heat                     meet                                   head

2.            study                            love                     wonderful                           father

3.            men                              said                     met                                     bad

B. Vocabulary:

1. We are contented with what we do.

A. interested in                   B. keen on                                C. excited about                 D. satisfied with

2. People can see how time-consuming the work is.

A. free                                B. not needing a lot of time        C. taking a lot of time          D. pleasant

3. The first term is coming to an end soon and my school is going to have some days off.

A. end                                B. ending                                  C. start                               D. starting

C. Grammar:

1. He came with a friend………………waited outside in the car.

A. who                               B. which                                   C. that                                D. A&C

2. I couldn't get to sleep…………….. the noise.
because                              B. because of                           C. although                         D. in spite of

3. Electric cooker is used for cook rice and keep food warm.

                      A     B          C                                    D           

4. Mike........ you an hour ago.

A.  had phoned                   B. phoned                                C. was phoning                   D. has phoned

5. . I haven’t met you before.

A. You have been met before. B. You have not been met before.                                          

C. You have not been meet before.                                         D. You has not been met before.

6. The man was badly injured. He was driving the car.

A. The man was badly injured who was driving the car.          

B. The man which was driving the car was badly injured.

C. The man was badly injured which was driving the car.       

D. The man who was driving the car was badly injured.

7. Marry …………………next month.

A. will get married              B. is getting married                 C. got married                    D. has got married

8. . People who have a lot of money have comfortable lives.

A. The handicapped           B. The rich                               C. The poor                       D. The sick

9. I haven’t met him since a long time.

             A            B      C                D  

10. Have you receive the letter which I sent last week.

                   A                    B        C          D


I am writing to tell you a piece of news. The first term is coming to an end soon and my school is (1)………… to have some days off. On this occasion, my class is visiting some caves near Hanoi as we have (2)………… studied rock formations. Besides, many of us have never been inside a cave, so I suppose the trip will (3)……………... very interesting. A night campfire on a two-day trip will be a great event in our school days. To make the trip cheap, we are (4)……………. our own food and sharing buses with some other classes.

1.            going                            go                                      coming                      come

2.            always                          already                               yet                             ago

3.            is                                  be                                      being                         to be

4.            bring                             to bring                               bringing                     brought


D. Writing:

-give the correct form of verbs:

1.  The cat is behind the rat. It is going (catch) ………. the later.

2. We have (learn) ………….. English since we were in grade 6.

3. My younger sister used to (stay) ……….. up late, but I did.

4. They plan (move) ………. to England next year.

-rewrite the following sentences:

1. There we met an old man. He told us that he had seen Nessie. (Use relative pronoun to combine the sentences)
2. It is our duty to care for those who are sick. (Rewrite the sentence, using The+ Adj)

3. They have sold many televisions this month. (Passive voice)

4. He gave smoking five years ago.

-He used to …………………………..



            Sean O’Casey wrote many stories, novels, plays and a great autobiography in six volumes. In his works, he described the hard life of the Irish workers and their struggle against the British government. He wrote about his time and himself, and about his people as a whole. All his work were highly appreciated because of their literary values and progress views.

Sean O’Casey died in England at the age of 84, and was well-remembered as an active fighter for friendship, peace, solidarity and independence. His last words at the party given on his 84th birthday were: I’m more of a Communist now than I ever was…”.


1.                  What did he describe in his works?

-The hard life of the Irish workers and their struggle against the British government, his time and himself, and about his people as a whole.

2.                  Why were all his works appreciated?

-Because of their literary values and progress views.

3.                  How old was he when he died?

-He was 84.

4.                  What did he say on his last birthday?

-“I’m more of a Communist now than I ever was…”.


(Cô Trần Thị Mỹ)

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